Largest online store of scientific products

Labtex is the largest online store of scientific equipment, chemicals, and surgical and safety products in Bangladesh. Labtex takes order online and deliver the goods within 48 hours in Dhaka city and within 72 hours anywhere in Bangladesh. So, just click, order, and enjoy science and technology. For more information about labtex please click here

Why You Should Buy from Labtex?

Labtex is an online and offline store for Scientific Lab Equipment, Chemicals, and Surgical and Safety Products in Bangladesh.

  • Labtex has its own store for stocking products.
  • Quick delivery service (Satisfaction Guarantee )
  • Tested and QC passed quality products
  • Most competitive lowest prices
  • Easy exchange and refund policy
  • 24 hours & 7 days of customer service over the phone, email, and WhatsApp
  • Within 7 days goods return and refund
  • Anytime online order placing facility.
  • User freindly webstie.
  • Order placing & cancelation option
  • Order placing facility with account and without an account
  • We accept orders through our website, by phone, by email, and on WhatsApp